The Hangar Door People

WELL BILT Industries has been the leading Aircraft Hangar Door Manufacturer for nearly 40 years. From small beginnings specializing in Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors, to a multi-product, multi-industry company today. We now manufacture Bottom Rolling Doors, Bi Fold Doors and Single Panel Hydraulic Doors, as well as custom operators for new or retrofit Bottom Rolling Doors.

Demand for quality doors for evolving industries was the driving force that pushed WELL BILT Doors into the Agriculture, Industrial and Residential Door Markets, offering a range of doors from Single Panel Hydraulic Doors to Bi Fold Hangar Doors.

All of our doors are manufactured with high quality steel and UL listed parts right here in our Ocala, Florida facility.

Rolling Hangar Doors

sliding aircraft hangar doors by well bilt industries

When your hangar requires some of the largest doors available, look no further than WELL BILT Industries! Countless companies have put their trust in us to deliver Sliding Hangar Doors to fit their hangar. Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors are what we do best! Our doors outperform the competition in price and value. All doors go through a rigorous inspection prior to shipping.

Single Panel Hydraulic

hydraulic doors

If you're looking for a door thats easy to use and ads value to your building, this is it! The Hydra-Eze® Hydraulic Door System from WELL BILT Industries uses the power of hydraulics to open and close your Single Panel Hydraulic Door. All doors come pre-hung in their own frame and are fully assembled and tested before leaving our facility. Simple, Safe, Reliable!

Bi-fold Doors

bi fold hangar doors by well bilt industries

WELL BILT Industries has been designing and manufacturing Bifold Hangar Doors since the 1980's. Our Bi fold Doors are fully assembled and tested in our shop before we deliver them to the client, ensuring a smooth installation and years of perfect operation. With UL Listed parts and manufactured to the highest standards, a Bi-Fold Door from WELL BILT Industries might be the perfect fit for your next hangar build. Over 3 decades in the Bi fold Hangar Door Industry!


It's what we do best!

Hercul-Eze® Rolling Door Operators

hangar door operators

Whether it's new construction or retrofit, Hercul-Eze® Aircraft Hangar Door Operators are the perfect solution for your bottom rolling hangar door. Why make expensive repairs on an old, inefficient door operator when it can be easily replaced? WELL BILT Industries can custom fit one or many Hercul-Eze® door operators to your hangar door to have it back up and running in short time.

Rolling Door Parts

sliding aircraft hangar door parts

Sliding and rolling aircraft hangar doors are some of the most versatile and customizable doors on the market. Regardless of who manufactured your door, if you need parts, chances are, we can fit them. Add an operator to a sliding door that never had one, or add new life to that old sectional door that doesn't work like it used to. Well Bilt Industries stocks a wide variety of parts for your rolling door.


We don't care if it's OUR door, YOUR door, or THEIR door... if you're in need of parts or service for your hangar door, we can help! We carry a variety of parts for doors of all types. Hydraulic Cylinders, Electric motors, Hydraulic Pumps, Rolling door Casters, Hangar Door Weather Seals... the list goes on. Visit Our Parts List

hydraulic door install manual

We did the hard work
to save you time and money!

Planning is the most important item on your checklist. The sales and design team at Well Bilt Industries is ready to help plan your next hangar door project to make it fast, efficient, and cost saving.

We've put together comprehensive literature to facilitate buying, designing and installing your door. We encourage all of our customer to download and read our literature before purchasing a door from any manufacturer.

UL-LISTING is an available option to both the standard Well Bilt Industries Bi-Fold Door System and the Well Bilt Industries Hercul-Eze Operator.


We manufacture doors for your industry too!

Agriculture Doors

doors for agriculture and machine shed shops to protect your equipment

We have a door to fit every agricultural need, from dairy buildings to machine storage sheds we have the best doors on the market. All of our doors are custom-built to your specifications to maximize the efficiency of your new construction or increase accessibility to your existing farm buildings.

Marina Doors

custom marine and boat dock doors by well bilt industries

Every marina is unique and we can provide a proper door for your marine structure. Our industrial door can easily battle coastal winds and corrosive conditions to help shelter your vessels from the elements.

Residential Doors

residential bi fold garage doors by well bilt industries

We manufacture more than just huge commercial doors, we can custom build residential doors to fit any building as large or small as you need. Architectural homes often require garage doors that match the rest of the home or need to meet building codes. well Bilt can help with your residential project!


See what our customers are saying!


"I cannot say enough about the quality of our new Well Bilt™ rolling hangar doors. We get a major storm almost every year and hurricane about every three years, but this door is built like an army tank! I have absolute confidence in these doors."

Alan Tate Coral Springs, FL

Sleek Design

"Sexy is not a word that you hear very often about airplane hangar doors, but this door is sexy. You won't find a lot of ragged edges and short-cut metal here. Sleek, clean design with solid hardware. Incredibly simple to use and open in less than a minute! Top-shelf build quality and priced better than any of the other manufacturers we got bids from."

Samantha Wilson Dalton, GA

Absolutely Stunned

"Wow! Just wow! After our last hangar door system proved to be all show and no go, we decided to take the advice of a long-time friend and give Well Bilt doors a call. The door arrived almost entirely assembled and the install crew had the entire thing completed on-site in just a few hours. Absolutely stunned that more people don't have Well Bilt™ doors."

James Davis Talladega, AL


"After losing my husband in 2014, I thought that I'd have to give up my independence and rely on someone else to help me open and close the hangar doors, but the Well Bilt™ Hercul-Eze® system is so simple to operate. It's literally a twist of the key, a push of the button and away I go."

Edna McDonough Savannah, GA