Aircraft Hangar Doors - Aviation Industry

"For over 30 years WELL BILT Industries has been a leader in the aviation hangar door industry."

Over 30 years ago we started manufacturing doors exclusive to the Airport Hangar market, ever since we have been the leader in that market. We offer a variety of custom steel door designs and operator models for any structure. We specialize in making hangar doors for military, private, corporate, FBO, commercial and so many more. With our quality construction, engineering and project management you will know your door will last! Safety is always a top priority for the aviation industry, whether you are a small airplane pilot or the manager of a large airport. We provide the safest, strongest, and most secure hangar doors on the market. Since we have decades of experience in designing, constructing and installing airport hangar doors we understand that every project is unique and has different needs that's why we offer every solution for your project. Our experience building so many different types of door systems allows us to select the design that will suite your requirements.


  • Our doors have been designed to go together fast and without the need to purchase expensive tools and equipment.
  • Fully assembled doors ready to install that saves you money and time.
  • Custom engineered for your project, we make sure you have every detail complete prior to fabrication eliminating the need to field modify.
  • Miami Dade Certified for over 15 years. For over 30 years WELL BILT has been in the door business with a safety record that exceeds the competition we are proud of.
  • Electrical control systems are designed and manufactured in our factory by our trained professionals.
  • All of our products go through rigorous quality control inspection prior to shipment.
  • Longest warranty in the industry up to 10 years limited warranties are available.
large sliding aircraft hangar doors by well bilt industries