Hydraulic Hangar Door Prices

Hydraulic Hangar Door by WELL BILT Industries


The price of a hydraulic hangar door is relative. For many of those reading this you will want to ask, what does this mean? Here is what it means. Hydraulic hangar door prices are relative to the manufacturer of the hangar door system. Consider this, if you were to purchase a hydraulic hangar door from Wilson Industrial Doors and one from Hi-Fold Door Corporation, and the time to install the Hi-Fold hangar door was less time to install but both were the same price then it would stand to reason that the Hi-Fold was priced less. Then you would also have to take this into consideration, what are you purchasing as far as quality and weight? Steel is a commodity and all manufacturers purchase steel by the pound. So if a Schweiss hydraulic hangar door weighs more than a PowerLift hydraulic hangar door yet the prices are about the same, what is that telling you? How about the higher power door that requires more headroom than a standard lift or even one that uses wood in the steel door to reduce the cost?

All of the above is the case: weight, engineering, quality, time to install are all real factors that make up the hydraulic hangar door prices. Looking at this as an investment is a smart approach to making the purchasing decision. If you purchase a door that will have poor quality and is located in a high-end fly-in community, that will have an effect on the price of the home when it is time to sell. We recently visited a home at a fly-in community where the owner purchased a door made of wood and steel. The wood was warping and the sheeting had a gap growing due to the warping. It cost the owner (seller of the home) $2,800.00 to fix the situation to get his home sold. 

Another project we recently went to provide installation assistance was located in a high-end fly-in community in Jupiter, Florida. The client was a general contractor that owned the home and enjoys flying. He called our factory and asked how long the install would take, and we explained that within one day the door would be up and operational with a three-man team helping the install assist.  The client was overwhelmed when the door was fully installed by 1:30. He made it a point to comment how one of his neighbors was on week three of installing a door that was manufactured by a leading competitor. Consider if our client paid $500 or $1,000.00 more for the door up front, yet he saved $2,000.00 for the equipment and another $1,500 on labor. The actual hydraulic hangar door prices are certainly skewed.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself: 1. What is your time worth? 2. What are your expectations as far as quality?  3. Who will you call if you have a problem? 4. Will you get what you are paying for? If any of these questions give you an uneasy feeling strongly consider what you are about to order. Rethink your plan. Not all doors are equal. They all have various price points. Some ship with loads that are unscheduled, so you may not get your hangar door for weeks or months and then all of a sudden the door is waiting for you to come and unload it. 

Hydraulic Hangar door prices also vary with the size of the door. Some manufacturers have become excellent with making a 40x12 super light and inexpensive. However, give them an 80x24 and the price is out of the ballpark because they simply don’t know how to make one.  Well Bilt custom engineers the hangar door solutions to meet the hangars specifications with each project, for instance, our project for Thrasher Construction in Gadsden, AL.

There is one manufacturer that is still taking deposits and not delivering hydraulic doors. It is a shame, because we have laws that make it theft, yet this man is still out grifting the consumer and claiming to be the best when he is just a thief that is filled with greed. Do your homework, visit the physical plant making the door if you like. Don’t get taken advantage of by a smooth talking sales person.

We invite you to stop by our facility to visit with our factory personnel and take the nickel tour!  We will treat you to a cup of coffee and you can see the quality of our hangar doors and measure our standards yourself. We are conveniently located in the Ocala Business Park right next to the Ocala International Airport.

Remember when it comes to hydraulic hangar door prices, ”The price paid is long forgotten, but the quality lasts forever”

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