Bifold Hangar Doors

Over Three Decades
in the Hangar Door Industry

Bifold Hangar Doors

At WELL BILT Industries we have perfected the Bifold Door System.

Bifold doors have been around for many years and WELL BILT Industries have been a leader in the market for more nearly 40 years! Every door is custom built to match your exact specifications and are easy to install.

There are many design advantages in Bifold door systems since they have two sections, which puts less stress on your building. Our Bifold doors adapt to any building large or small in any industry. Strong welded steel frame and trusses withstand high winds and maximize life expectancy, while double strength hinge line prevents sagging.

Our Bifold doors are suitable for new or existing structures and are engineered to meet local building codes.

Features at a glance

  • • Low maintenance
  • • Most reliable
  • • Extra strong adds strength to the building structure
  • • Simple operation
  • • Safer design with many safety features
  • • All-steel welded door frame
  • • Shed water in open position
  • • Bifold doors can provide many design options
  • • Require very little side or head room
  • • Every door is custom built to your needs
  • • Doors lift upward saving you space in front of your building

Quick Specs

Lift System
Maximum Door Size
90' Wide
30' Tall
Number of Panels

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Bi Fold Doors are effective in several ways which make them a excellent choice for home owners as well as small commercial use tenants.

One of the most effect ways Bi fold door considerations is the ramp space that is added with out compromising the area on each side of the hangar. This is accomplished by the bi folds vertical lift operations coupled with the way it is lifted and folds out of the way.


The bi fold door has been around for decades, it is not clear when the first doors were brought to market but there are doors that bi fold that are from the early 1970's. The case for the Bi fold being a proven solution is easy to see. When it comes to providing a solution for a clear opening there are only some many ways to solve the issue, and the bi fold provides easy answers to difficult questions like automatic locking, security and ease of operation.


The Bi fold door has a very good seal against the building that limits the amount of air to escape, these seals allow the door to maintain a weather tightness and helps keep bugs and rodents out of the building. This is so important with the ever increasing cost of energy.

Bi-Fold doors can be very well insulated to provide an r-value that allows the end-user to heat and cool the area being used.