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Bottom Rolling Doors, Sliding Hangar Doors, Accordion Stack Doors

WELL BILT Industries’ bottom rolling door systems have proven durability and performance.

The rolling door design is specified for openings of almost limitless width, with your choice of panel configuration.

Rolling doors are a logical choice when the openings are wide and cost is critical. WELL BILT Industries’ rolling doors offer impressive strength and are designed to perform under heavy traffic and high wind loads.

By working closely with architects, contractors and owners, we can manufacture a system that meets your specific needs or can retro-fit to meet the needs of an existing structure. Our seals offer the most reliable all-weather protection allowing for long-lasting performance reliability. Additionally, to offer quick assembly and straightforward installation, door sections are delivered to job-site in factory-fabricated, sub-assemblies.

Features at a glance

  • • Rolling door systems with a variety of configurations and sizes.
  • • WELL BILT Industries can design and fabricate to your design parameters. No project is too large or small for us.
  • • We are a nationwide provider as well as export around the world
  • • Door systems are what we do, WELL BILT Industries builds the finest doors at competitive pricing and is able to meet the challenges of delivering on time.
  • • WELL BILT Industries can provide upfront design parameters as well as specify the product for Architects, Engineers as well as Construction Managers in the planning phase.
  • • Engineering Certificates for all states as well as the Caribbean.
  • • Door system options: One Direction, Bi-Parting and Floating.
  • • Quality Construction along with up to a 5-year warranty on our products.
  • • WELL BILT Industries Engineers constantly improving the designs to provide a long term solution.
  • • On-site Inspections and Commissioning is available direct from our factory.

Quick Specs

Lift System
Maximum Door Size
Any Width
90' Tall
Number of Panels


unidirectional hangar doors animation
The hangar door panels move in one direction. (either left or right). One Hercul-eze door operator is placed on the leading edge panel only.


bi parting hangar doors animation
The hangar door panels open in the middle. Two Hercul-eze door operators are placed on the leading edges of left and right side panels.

Floating Group

group hangar doors animation
The hangar door panels can move left or right and as a group in either direction. A Hercul-eze door operator is placed on the first and last door panels.

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Sleek Design

Sliding Hangar Doors are customizable to the individual's needs, we refer this as the "mission". What is the door required to do for the end-user?

This is often a something we get into with a client the first conversation we have. We want to build a door that meets the needs of the end user, not the other way around. Controls are customizable. Pendant controls, automatic systems, remotes and even operation with a smart phone.


The Bottom Rolling Hangar Door, often called the 'Sliding Hangar Door', is the most widely used aircraft hangar door on the market today. simply put, they are the easiest to use aircraft hangar door on the market and have been since the invention of the hangar.

The simplistic approach to the Sliding Hangar Door allows the end user to open and close it many different ways.

Size Matters

The most cost effective door by far! There are many reasons the rolling door can be configured to maximize space inside the aircraft hangar allowing the hangar door to be positioned to create added real estate.

This is essential with certain aircraft when the hangar is too small. Depending upon the door size you can open a small portion to retrieve a smaller aircraft or fully open the door for larger aircraft.