Installing your HydraTilt Hydraulic Door (patent pending)


  • A. Inspection of the existing conditions prior to installation of the door system. Installer should review the structure insuring the header supporting frame are installed in accordance with the design. The opening shall be square and plumb. The door should not be installed until the primary structure is correctly installed and all trades have completed the sequences of work.
  • B. Hydraulic door system shall be installed in a workman like manner and assembly shall be in accordance with the shop drawings and installation manuals. Door systems that require a splice due to the size of the door system shall be placed upon cribbage or blocking that completely levels the door panel prior bolting the door together.
  • C. Clean any surfaces abraded, bolts and field welds and field coat surfaces with primer.


  • A. Test the hydraulic door upon completion to insure proper operation. Owner’s representative shall be present to approve the installation of door systems. Adjust door as required to provide the correct operation if necessary. Provide written report to Owner and door manufacture stating door was successfully operational.
  • B. Manufacture Representative Commissioning. At the Owners discretion additional commissioning inspection may be performed by Well Bilt Industries to inspect the overall operation and installation of the door system. The commissioning shall include a written report as well as photographic evidence of the correct installation.
  • C. Warranty Owner shall be provided a Standard one year warranty for the door system by Well Bilt Industries. Warranty shall be warranting the hangar door free from defects of materials and labor for a period of one year. Warranty shall be transferable for up to one year. Extended Warranties are available and must be agreed to in writing at time of purchase.