HydraTilt Hydraulic Hangar Door Tech (patent pending)

The HydraTilt Door Structure

The design of the HYDRATILT Hydraulic Hangar Doors shall be designed by Well Bilt Industries in accordance with the specified criteria to insure that the hangar door shall operate as specified and not interfere with the structure or associated trim components. The door shall fit tightly and be built without warping or sagging of members. The performance requirements shall include a one piece upward swinging door that allows for thermal movement and prevent the door from buckling from ambient and surface temperatures. Operating range of the hydraulic system shall be between minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wind Loading - The Solid one piece design Hydraulic hangar doors shall be designed per the geographic regions external wind pressures. Design pressures shall be based upon the governing authority or specified by the lead design engineer for each project as it may apply.

hydratilt door specifications

Lift System

The HydraTilt Hydraulic Door System is an upward tilting door pivoting on side mounted hydraulic cylinders at the mid-point of the door system. Doors are actuated by means of twin hydraulic ram cylinders working in sequence.

Electric motors are sized in accordance and configuration of the power supply from 120v, 208v, 230, or 460v in single and 3 phase.

Hangar doors are controlled by means of constant pressure push buttons mounted on the interior of the door panel or remotely. Push buttons will stop the movement of the door when pressure is released.


Warning Devices

Warning devices such as bells, horns and strobes may be added to the operation of the controls to notify the area of the movement of the Door Panel. Devices are to be located on the operation hangar wall.

Hydraulic devices

Hydraulic devices such as pumps, actuators, valves, reservoirs and rams shall be of sufficient size and design to lift the load with a safety factor built into the design.

  • a. Pumps to be capable of a duty cycle no less than 200% of the required run time.
  • b. Reservoir to be capable of handling 125% of the required fluid required to fully extend the hydraulic rams.
  • c. Actuators shall match the system requirements for remote system use.

Weather Stripping

(Sides, Top & Bottom)Provide weather stripping that is easily replaceable on the horizontal bottom and vertical edges of the door. Material shall be EPDM with cloth insertion and be attached 12” O.C. The installer will insure that the top weather seal is installed properly per the manufactures instruction.


Red Oxide, Gray industrial primer, SSPC 25 over prepared surface by means of blasting or surface wire wheel depending on the quality of steel.

Electric Operators

Electrical Distribution: Contractor shall supply power to the hydraulic pump motor control enclosure.


Control panels shall be enclosed a NEMA 4 boxes to allow for water tight enclosure; installers of the electrical connections shall note to not drill into the top of the enclosure to prevent water infiltration. All conduit runs should come from the bottom of the enclosure when practical.

Contactors and Controls

Each system to be designed for the application and size of the HYRDA-EZE Hydraulic hangar door system. Systems shall include reversing contactors, operation control buttons that open, close and stop the system. System will allow for contactors to be interlocked with limit switches for opening limits and closing limits. Interlocks for personnel door when applicable.


Electric Motors will be sized according and power systems requirements shall match the architects phasing of the electrical system. Fusing of the system will be at the discretion of the design professional.

Door Panel

Manufacture from Tubing and standard Structural shapes such as "C"'s & "Z"'s. Panel framing shall be fabricated utilizing CNC drill and shaping lines and test fit in the shop to insure the door can be assembled in the field. Door panel shall be designed to have exterior panel connection for standard PBR Panel design conditions.

  • i. Bolting conditions shall be designed for the bolted connection to provide full strength connection of material size and shape being used.
  • ii. Welded portions of the door shall also be per AWS D1.1

Exterior truss system

(When Necessary) shall be fully welded to prevent water intrusion. Truss shall be designed as a welded member with the door panel and factory welded.

Door Frames

Shall consist of a minimum of ¼” Channel; Header system of the frame may be spliced material depending on the width of the door system. The side of the frame will consist of full pieces not spliced unless the length required exceeds the available material. Splices shall be made in the field of the material using a socket system to insure proper fit and finish by installers.

Wind and Locking Pins

Each door panel shall be fitted with a cold roll drop pin located in the door panel for securing the door to the finished floor. Depending on the size of the door system pin placement and quantity will vary per the engineering.

Track and guide rollers

Door system shall be equipped with a integral track in the door frame and columns with permanently mounted rollers at the upper most portion of the door for the tracks to roll on.