Self Supporting Tilting
Hydraulic System

HYRDATILT hydraulic Hangar Door

The HYRDATILT hydraulic Hangar Door Self Supporting Tilting Hydraulic System.

This door is also known as a tip up canopy style door. Hangar doors in general, are considered a product that is customized for each application. Well Bilt Industries offers a wide array of options and modifications for each application. Well Bilt Industries will take the time to explain the options to help guide for quality, value and extended service life. Call Well Bilt Industries today to discuss the many options and benefits that make Well Bilt Industries a leader in hangar doors for over three decades. +1 352.528.5566

Features at a glance

  • • Bolt together installation
  • • Reduces the design requirements on host structure
  • • Offers more room in front of the ramp
  • • Open height locking pins during Maintenance
  • • Fast delivery times for standard sizes
  • • CNC automated fabrication for zero defects

Quick Specs

Lift System
Maximum Door Size
160' Wide
30' Tall
Number of Panels

Hangar Doors is our passion...

For 39 years we have been leading the way and forging new territory.

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Hangar Doors is our passion, for 39 years we have been leading the way and forging new territory, occasionally someone comes up with a better idea than we have and we have one choice and that is to make it better, and that is what we have done with the Hydratilt Hangar doors.

Over the last five years Well Bilt has been developing a tilting hangar door that would offer the Tilting style hangar doors currently on the market.


We took to the drawing board and asked ourselves the difficult question of why should we deviate from what we offer to our clients today? The answer was simply lets give them a better hangar door experience then they have with the other suppliers! At Well Bilt Hangar Doors is in our blood, steel courses through our veins and innovation, creativity is what drives us each and every day to be better than the other guys.


We know bringing a new product to market wont be easy, and change seems to be something people all ask for and that is exactly what Well Bilt has been doing in the past present and future.

The new HydraTilt hydraulic door is similar to the competition however we have implemented several key attributes that make the product better and safer for the end user.