Economic Hangar Doors – Which Door Type is the Most Economical

The question really boils down to price when considering what type of door to purchase based on the economics. Our competition takes a general approach when evaluating which type of hangar door is the most economical. However, this process would give you incorrect results because what they are considering are the overall costs of the purchase, installation, and maintenance of the hangar door. However costs are predicated on details such as the size of the hangar door system as well as the hangar door manufacturer. WellBilt understands the importance of the details for price and quality as well as what to consider when looking into economic hangar doors.

 Here are the details, economic hangar doors all come with a cost, so in general let’s look at the size of the door and use a 50-foot wide door 16 feet tall. This is a rather small door for some people and a little more than others may need but it is for the purpose of the information. If the client is an end user that happens to be hands on and lives and breathes the aviation world that would rather spend time making aluminum bling like a shiny nickel, then a bifold hangar door may be a great choice; however if you are a person who uses an airplane like they use a car and treats it like a time machine then we have a different situation. The reason is that a bifold hangar door requires more maintenance than the rolling of a hydraulic hangar door (Unless it is a higher power door which requires more routine adjustments than a single panel). 

 The economical factor of the bifold hangar door also has a drawback when it comes to building size dimensionally. Basically what we are saying is the cost of the building itself is more with a bifold hangar door because you will need to have a taller eave height in most cases. The economic hangar door is now not so economical because the entire perimeter of the building will need to be elevated by 3 feet to accommodate the wedge in the door. This is something that the manufacturer does not typically point out and you as a consumer need to consider. 

 The hydraulic hangar door has some economical drawbacks as well; for starters we need to consider the cost of the ramp space possibly lost in front of the door. We should also consider the additional overhang we gain to use as a sunshade or rain cover, or better yet the cost to heat and cool our hangar because the hydraulic hangar door is the best sealing hangar door on the market. Then again during heavy snow and ice, you may lose time clearing the ramp space to use the door, even though it may only be 1% of the times you need to use it. 

 Lastly, let us consider the stack door and sliding hangar door when looking at economic hangar doors. First of all stack doors are like accordion style hangar doors, which we will admit they have some benefits, however, the economics of the hangar doors are very different. First hand we kept a plane in a stacking door and it was a pain to open and close, each section has to be locked and unlocked, so for the guy going to bore some holes in the sky it’s a BPA door. The other economical factor is the moving parts of the stacking door. There are multiple bearings and swivels, hinges and bushings, plus there is no way to automate. The nice thing about sliding hangar doors is that it has options for the automation and fewer moving parts. The downside of the economics is that the sliding hangar door will require more clear floor space and potential outriggers to hold the panels when open.

The question, “which door type is the most economical?” was not answered in a simple format, for there is a complex question of use. Like we said in our article about the best hangar door operator for your hangar door system, it all comes down to the project factors and specifications of use for the end user. To know which hangar door is the most economical one must consider building cost, apron and land size as well as the end users preference. Economic hangar doors may mean what the initial cost of the door is to some but to truly savvy buyers they are looking at the costs of use and maintenance as well. The quality of the door plays into the equation as well, however, that can be in the eye of the beholder in some cases and this is not the topic. We want our customers to be well informed and know they have choices. Just because they have a friend with a certain door doesn’t make that type of hangar door the right economic hangar door for them.

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