Galaxy Aviation of Lantana Awards Well Bilt Two Hydraulic Hangar doors

Once again Well Bilt industries has landed a project for Galaxy Aviation.  Well Bilts principle has had a long relationship with the principles of Galaxy and Stellar Aviation.  “we welcome another opportunity with the FBO chain, it is always great to see our relationships as well as hard work and dedication pay off”  Says Mark MacDonald, COO of Well Bilt Industries Florida’s oldest manufacture of Aircraft Hangar Doors.  The hydraulic Hangar Doors will be replacing two older Bi Folding doors that have been neglected.  The client is excited because the retrofit will allow the hangar to accommodate the taller tail height aircraft that will be using the field.  The Hydra Eze Hydraulic Hangar Door is designed as a single panel hydraulically operated hangar door that hinges at the top of the door allowing for the tallest door system on the market today.  Well Bilts commitment to Quality and easy installation of hydraulic hangar doors with the knuckle system makes Well Bilts aircraft hangar doors the best on the market today.  Contact Well Bilt today to see how their hydraulic hangar doors can open your space and raise your tail!