Hattiesburg – Laurel Regional Airport

Well Bilt was delighted when awarded another project from DeWitt Faler Construction. The project was to replace a Hydroswing Hydraulic Door System that fell apart after six years in service. Well Bilt was the only door supplier willing to inspect the project personally to ensure the owner and the contractor that we have the ability to provide a door that will last decades, rather than just a few years. 
The Hydraulic Hangar Door, which is 90 feet wide and 22 feet tall, opens as a single panel with hinges at the top. The door was installed on a pre-engineered metal building by ACI. What set the project apart was the service and attention to detail. “Our clients trust us. We answer our phone and make it a point to help, not avoid our clients”, says owner, Mark MacDonald.

Well Bilt has Hydraulic Hangar Doors up to 122 feet wide by 28 feet tall. Experience the Well Bilt service and be treated as a client, not an order. 

Well Bilt has a full line of hangar doors they manufacture in Williston, Florida, including Hydraulic Hangar Doors, Bi-folding Hangar Doors, and Rolling Hangar Doors. Well Bilt has been building hangar doors for over thirty years and we intend on continuing the commitment to quality and expanding our network of dealers and installers across the nation.