Signature Flight Support - KSJC

Welcome to the new home of the Blue City Holdings. Housed here is the private aircraft of the Google principles Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. Blue City, which has a vested interest, is the largest tenant of the new facility leasing approximately 190,000 square feet of the 250,000-fixed base operation.

The hangar space includes six 30,000 square foot hangars and one 70,000 square foot hangar capable of storing a Boeing 767. Well Bilt Industries USA, a premier manufacturer of hangar doors, was contracted to fabricate and install all seven of the door systems. The six 225 feet wide by 28 feet tall doors are designed with two floating groups per system. This allows for one lineman to operate one-half of the door system at a time, which creates efficiency for the line personnel. Likewise, the largest of the hangars, which is 304 feet wide by 64 feet tall, and has a total of eight panels can also be operated by one lineman due to the efficiency of the two floating groups.

The project was specified to have steel wheel drives on all door systems, however, the management at Signature and Blue City Holdings were well aware of the high quality as well as the long service life Well Bilt's

HERCUL-EZE Hangar Door Operator offered at other Signature flight locations. All seven doors are driven with Well Bilt's patented HERCUL-EZE Hangar Door Operator, using rubber tire friction drive systems; "We have twenty-eight of the HERCUL-EZE Operators at the Signature facility," Says Mark MacDonald, Vice President of operations.

"And we are most proud that four of the twenty-eight are our HERCUL-EZE Hangar Door Operator 500 series, which is the largest operator we currently manufacture."

One of the challenges of this project was to have the largest hangar door automatically close when the fire suppression system was activated. Well Bilt's team of engineers quickly and professionally responded to the issue of automatically closing a floating group to meet the NFPA 409, which is the governing authority over hangar doors and their operation.

Well Bilt Industries USA is a manufacturer based in Williston, Florida and has a full line of hangar doors that can be custom manufactured in any style such as bifold, rolling, or hydraulic. Well Bilt Industries has been building hangar doors for over thirty years and we intend on continuing the commitment to quality and expanding our network of dealers and installers across the nation.