Thrasher Construction Hydraulic Door Replacement

thrasher construction custom hydraulic door replacementThrasher Construction in Gadsden, AL contracted with Well Bilt to supply a replacement door they needed for one of their clients. Well Bilt provided a 70x20 HYDRA-EZE single piece Hydraulic Hangar Door for the project. Thrasher Construction provided the opening dimensions and Well Bilt custom engineered the hangar door solution to meet the hangars specifications, which previously contained a Tilt-Up Hangar Door System. The end user gained additional height and is now able to increase the revenue for the larger aircraft, all due to the hangar door system. Well Bilt is proud of the Hydraulic Hangar Door know as the HYDRA-EZE. The design is fool proof, as it contains all of the safety features and strength one expects from a Well Bilt hangar door.

Well Bilt has Hydraulic Hangar Doors up to 122 feet wide by 28 feet tall. Experience the Well Bilt service and be treated as a client, not an order. 

Well Bilt has a full line of hangar doors they manufacture in Williston, Florida, including Hydraulic Hangar Doors, Bi-fold Hangar Doors, and Rolling Hangar Doors. Well Bilt Industries USA, has been building hangar doors for over thirty years and we intend on continuing the commitment to quality and expanding our network of dealers and installers across the nation.