Well Bilt Awarded C&C Marine contract on two large hydraulic hangar doors

Hydraulic hangar doors are never to be taken lightly, so when C&C Marine, a barge restoration company in New Orleans needed a solution to the new shot blast facility they turned to Well Bilt hangar doors to supply a solution that would provide them the opening they required with the versatility they needed along with the engineering that they knew would be correct.  Well Bilt Hangar doors prides itself on each door being engineered and designed for each application.  “There are other companies that slam them out and it shows.  Just look at the quality of the welds or the finish on the paint.” says Mark MacDonald.  “I’m not putting them down, but to be the best, the quality must be the best and that is what separates us from the pack.”   Quality and service that is un rivaled by our competition is what Well Bilt Industries USA, LLC sees as its goals.  Hydraulic hangar doors come in many varieties and some have unbelievable claims to be self-supporting or be "the best" while having cylinders made in China.  When it comes to wanting a hydraulic aircraft hangar door, even for the marine application Well Bilt will impress the most discerning clients.  There is a difference in hydraulic hangar doors.