Sliding Hangar Doors NOAA Hurricane Hunters KLAL

National Oceanic and Aeronautic Administration – Lakeland Floridaexterior sliding hangar doors lal

When the National Oceanic and Aeronautic Administration relocated the Hurricane hunters P-3 Orion’s and Gulfstream aircraft to Lakeland Florida there was a hunt for a hangar door that could perform the task of protecting the aircraft that protect the coastal eastern seaboard.  The unique features of this project is the two doors located in precast tilt wall, one 160 wide 46 feet tall and the other 135 feet wide 46 feet tall operated with the Herculeze rubber tire hangar door operators . The spans of the openings were carried with engineered steel bar joist system that was integrated with Well Bilt’s Sliding Hangar door track and soffit system.  The sliding hangar doors themselves were engineered to high wind load standards for the aircraft and clad both sides with 24 gauge sheeting.  Well Bilt also worked with the construction firm to design economical track drainage system so water would not pool on the tracks providing a solution that is overlooked by many hangar door manufactures.  Well Bilt also provided the nationwide installation team to complete the install ahead of the schedule as timing for the project was critical.  The 58,000 square foot facility needed to be completed within 5 months start to finish due to the fact McDill AFB was expanding and the Hunters were losing their space.  Well Bilt Industries are experts of sliding hangar doors have a committed team of designers, fabricators and installers who are proud to provide a quality of the project.  The innovation to the products designed for the installation as well as the time table challenges allows us to continue to strive to offer the best quality hangar doors and service not only the United States but the world.


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